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aboutus Division I is a set of thermal transfer film R & D, production, sales and service for the integr...
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  • 2016 - 06 - 27
    Compared with the store's deserted, Jiezhuang industry business of the day is fast, electric impact on home industry began to appear. Each household electricity supplier platform gradually established, Qijia network, tuba rabbit, variety, beauty Lele, home improvement e station brand, whether it is years of precipitation, or new products, in the strong capture the consumer market. The Home Furnishing brand flagship stores, but also herald news. "11" has passed, as a highlight of the "golden nine silver ten", at that moment is also home business most value promotion season, in accordance with the general industry practice, within 7 days of sales performance is equivalent to the annual 10% - 15% of the sales amount. Therefore, many enterprises will also this as a sprint at the end of the task's key. Reporter visited the part of the furniture store decorating the city found that originally count on National Day holiday promotional businesses to make money this ...
  • 2016 - 06 - 27
    Packaging is in the process of circulation protection products, convenient transportation, to promote sales, according to certain technical methods used in containers, materials and auxiliary materials to the general name. It also refers to in order to achieve the objective in the container, materials and auxiliary materials in the process of applying certain technical methods of operational activities. Marketing oriented packaging focused on planning strategies, to become a broad package. You can also dress up someone or something or try to help him in some ways. The national standard of China GB/T4122.1-1996 provisions packaging definition is: "in the process of circulation protection products, convenient for storage and transportation, to promote sales, according to certain technical methods and the use of containers, materials and auxiliary materials such as general name. Also refers to the use of containers, materials and auxiliary materials in the process of applying a certa...
  • 2013 - 11 - 29
    Single packing: the packing of the goods directly held. Such as: steel drums, plastic barrels, cans. The net weight is not more than 400kg, the volume is not more than 450L Inner packing: the packing of direct and material contact. (combination package) The contents of the device - direct contact with the material of the packaging; the need for external packaging containers. (composite packaging) Composite packaging - an outer package and an integral package consisting of an inner container. Less than 400kg, less than 450L Combined packaging -- one or more inner packing in a packaging (from 400kg). Such as: plastic tank on the wooden box Outer packing: outer protection part of outer package and combination package and its adsorption and lining material Repeated use of packaging - filling the same items of packaging, each time before the use of the performance indicators are to meet Repair and packaging - packaging of...
  • 2016 - 06 - 27
    1 research and development of green packaging materials can be recycled. Packaging waste regulations vary from place to place, but there is a common principle: to encourage less use of raw materials. In the packaging design should be as far as possible the use of the same material can be separated from the coexistence of materials and tend to use a simple structure and easy recycling of materials. In the premise of meeting the packaging function, to minimize the amount of waste generated, thus showing the development trend of lightweight packaging film. 2. To study the plastic stabilization technology, stability of plastics technology development is the key to new antioxidant, ultraviolet stabilizer and free radical trapping agent preparation and application of research and development. The use of plastic containers, pallets or containers, etc., can be used to make high quality plastic products in order to improve the reuse or recycling of plastic containers. 3 degradable plastics can ...
  • 2016 - 06 - 27
    To "design, value and rebirth" as the theme of architecture decoration design take the fee standard research salon and China Jian Bo will promotion will be held in Shanghai, Hushang Jiezhuang company representatives, elite designers participants, according to the design criteria for the charges were extensive and in-depth discussion. Sharon scene, Hua Qiansheng, the head of the China Construction Expo will be responsible for the construction of a brief release. He pointed out that at present the entire large environmental production capacity is a serious surplus, the economic growth rate continues to decline, the brand will still be required.Deputy Secretary General of the China Building Decoration Association, Design Committee of the Secretary General Liu pointed out that China building decoration industry has been the lack of perfect charge standard, designers and design institutions communicate with the owners will encounter confusion. The 2014 architectural decoration des...
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