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Science and technology, is a kind of eternal power;

Innovation is an enterprising spirit;

Integrity, is the basic bottom line of life;

Quality is the guarantee of enterprise's survival.

Enterprise philosophy: Science and technology leading, product innovation, integrity first, quality first

Corporate vision: to create a decorative material surface thermal transfer film manufacturing leading enterprises




Brand elements: natural, artistic fashion personality

Brand quality: health and environmental art

Brand claims: into the natural experience of the original ecology

Brand positioning: high-end thermal transfer printing film on the surface of decorative material

Brand mission: to create a decorative material surface thermal transfer film brand

Brand concept: the natural texture of the ancient memory of science and technology innovation reproduction vitality






To be able to see the mistakes of others is: clear;

To be able to see your own mistakes is to wake up.

To help others to correct the error is: tan;

To be able to correct their mistakes is: honesty.

To discover the advantages of others is: cong;

Able to find their own advantages are: ming.

The advantage of being able to learn from others is wisdom; The advantage of being able to enable others is: wisdom.




If you don't have a smile, please leave, because smile is a happy life;

If you like to complain, please leave, because complaining is the reason for failure;

If you are not grateful, leave, because gratitude is the result of a healthy personality;

If you don't share, leave, because sharing is the source of common progress; If you do not want to learn, please leave, because learning is the ladder of lifelong growth;

If you don't want to, leave, because persistence is the foundation of all success.


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